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2014 advertising rates for the  following web sites;




Real-Estate page:

     For sale by owner: $100.00 until sold, includes 3 months featured property ad on real-estate page (10 photos)

     Agent Sponsor; Name, link and phone: $15.00/ month or $150/year, (no home page ad)

     Agent Advertiser;  Real-estate and  home page ad $25.00/ month or $225.00/year

    (80 x 125 home page ad )

     Featured ad: $25.00/month    


Places to Stay page:

     Business Sponsor; Name, link and phone: $10.00/ month  or $100.00/year, (no home page ad)

     $20/month or $200.00/year (includes 80x125 home page)


Professional Services page:

     Page sponsors; Box or banner ad on top or side of page, Name, phone,  address, logo and web link,  $100/year

     Name, phone address and web link. $45.00

     Name, phone $25.00/year

Rotating ad:

      Home page and any 3 pages. $75.00/year. 80 X 125 pixels ad 


{An advertisement on a Web page that comes from a list of ads and changes each time the page is requested. If you were to reload the same page you are viewing, you would see the next ad in the list}.



Static home page advertising


125 X 125 pixels ad 

$25.00/month - $225/yr

actual size

 80 X 125 pixels ad 

$22.00/month - $200/yr


actual size

30 x 125 -pixels ad

$15.00/month - $150/yr



actual size

Banner Ad $20.00/month - 180/yr

468 X 60 pixels


actual size


Virtual customer:

Domain name ( home page ad

1 year hosting 





$149.00/year hosting fee after 1st year

 (rotating home page ad after 1 year)

Optional services:


Email address: $10.00/year

(your/ Home Page Advertising Rates

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